Message from President of the Asian-Australasian Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology

On behalf of the organizing committee of the society of Asian-Australasian Federation of Interventional Neuroradiology (AAFITN), I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to present this presidential address for this newly developed home page on the 13th academic congress of the AAFITN in Malaysia. 

Neuroendovascular therapies have recently seen an increasing demand from an immense patient population in our area of the world, and this demand has been met to a large part by growing support and active performance by young ambitious neurointerventionists. In spite of such an endowed situation, which currently occupies the top market share, unfortunately there still is a lack of leading clinical reports drawing from our large clinical case series experience. Furthermore, we continue to follow the footsteps of western countries in regards to clinical experience with new devices, primarily because of a less established clinical research system and other administrative issues such as delays in new device approval. To compound this dilemma, perhaps the patients suffer most, especially because of the biased distribution of resources and insufficient number of neuroendovascular therapists in developing countries, resulting in less chances for patients to undergo minimally invasive therapy by endovascular or neurointerventional approaches.

We all know that these various differences and gaps pertaining to our unique situation stem from multiple rational, political, economic, religious and ethical standpoints. However, we must meet these expectations of our patients and the well-being of the public with enthusiasm and seek to challenge our borders and barriers with honest and pure pursuit of the academic and educational road to the summit and beyond. To realize the further development of our society, friendship, cooperation and positive action among all members are essential. In particular, one of the most important issues which confronts us today, is the need to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to understand and formulate appropriate therapeutic and research strategies as well as to master up-to-date techniques and thereby not fall behind world trends. From an academic point of view, which is expressed in the timely theme “Strengthening Foundations and Exploring New Concepts”, I firmly believe the 13th congress of the AAFITN organized by Dr Jeyaledchumy Mahadevan will open the door to our bright future. 

I trust that we, the AAFITN, are a deeply inter-connected group of dedicated strong-willed individuals who can together offer a great potential power to develop and expand further to help more of our people and the world at large. 

Finally, I wish to express my whole-hearted appreciation for the generous cooperation and sincere contributions from all the members of the AAFITN.

Shigeru Miyachi
President of AAFITN

Professor of the Department of Neuroendovascular Therapy,
Aichi Medical University, Aichi, Japan